Metal Roof Warranty

What You Need to Know About the Metal Roof Warranty

We’ve said it before, but we’ll say it again (and again and again), the roof is one area of a commercial building construction that should never be skimped on in terms of materials quality or installation. Because the roof is a building’s first defense against the elements, selecting a good roof type and installation team needs to be a priority. This is to insure your building will be protected throughout the years from rain, snow, sun and wind. But even when you pick the best materials, one more aspect that cannot be ignored is the warranty – as this can save you or cost you big time down the road.

The following are some points to keep in mind when purchasing a roof warranty, and should be considered for both new construction and retrofit. Since the FSE team are solid proponents of metal roofing systems, we will focus on the metal roof warranty, but much of the following information can apply to other types of roofs as well.

A Metal Roof Warranty Has Various Parts


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This part of the warranty pertains to the roof’s ability to protect the inside of the building from the elements. Leaks are bad news – they can damage the inventory inside a building and weaken the building itself. That’s why it’s important to be sure that the roof warranty includes language pertaining to leaks stating that the roofing system is guaranteed to be weathertight, and that the roofing supplier will pay to remedy any problems.

Be sure to read the fine print here, because warranties can offer limit or no limit coverage, they can be filled with exclusions, and they can have long lists of circumstances that can void the warranty. They also may offer a short range of time periods under which the warranty is valid, with the longer time periods significantly impacting the cost of the warranty.


Failing paint on metal roof

Have you ever seen a painted metal roof were the paint has peeled off or it’s all cracked like a spiderweb? How about one where the panels that get the most sun are significantly lighter than those that live in the shade? Ever touch a metal roof and end up with a chalky residue on your hand? These are the types of issues that can result from failing paint, and they are typically covered under the paint section of your roof warranty.

A good roof warranty will cover failing paint, however, it will also likely have a list of exclusions that can nullify the warranty, so be sure to read it carefully. Installing features on the roof that interrupt proper run off, using products that can impact the roof’s galvanization, and improper initial installation can all potentially invalidate of the warranty, leaving you on the hook for the full cost of repairs.


substrate used for metal roofing

In metal roofing, the substrate is typically made from steel sheeting that is either galvanized or dipped in an aluminum zinc alloy coating. Among other caveats, warranties related to the substrate may include language that nullify them if the roof is installed within a certain distance of the ocean or on a building that houses livestock. In addition, roofing warranties can be impacted by roof slope, and whether or not there is insulation beneath the roof.

Be Sure to Pay Attention to the Length of the Warranty

Roofing warranties run the gamut on their length of coverage. From full cost of replacement for 25 years, to 20% cost of replacement within five years, this is where building owners really need to be careful. A warranty can sound ideal in the headlines and be whittled away to very minimal coverage by the fine print. Make sure you understand what parts of the roof are covered and how long and to what extent that coverage lasts before signing on the dotted line.

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