Fleming Steel Erectors are experts in large-scale division 13 special construction projects.

Beginning with design-assist services, our collaborative approach encourages team building across all project segments and phases, while early and frequent communication between designers, subcontractors, and material providers results in a schedule that is both accommodating and designed to reduce conflicts, delays, and expensive back charges.

Fast, Experienced & Cooperative   •   Ability to Deliver on All Manufacturer Warranties   •  Design-First Perspective Unique Within the Industry


Delivering the Services You Need to Be Competitive

Construction is hard enough without having to worry about your steel erector contractor overcommitting their capacity, working unsafely, or lying in wait to hit you with back charges, delays, or roof leak callbacks. Regardless of the sub-trade, the lowest priced option is rarely the best solution, and in that respect, we’re no different. However, when you assess the total cost of your current steel erector estimates, factoring in the above-mentioned ‘gotchas,’ you’ll find working with FSE can make you more competitive in your market overall.

Are You Big Enough and Experienced Enough to Take on a 25K+ Division 13 Project?
Yes, You Are… with FSE as Your Partner.

Materials + Erect

As a materials + erect partner, you can rest assured that FSE will take care of project management details that can be nothing but an added headache for a busy general contractor. Our understanding of industry best practices is second to none, and when you partner with us, you can rest assured you are getting the highest possible value from day one.

Labor Only

If you’re looking for a labor only assist for your division 13 project, FSE is here to help. Many of our contractor partners choose this method, and all we ask is to be part of the design evaluation process as early as possible, so that we can apply our expertise to identifying any potentially expensive design issues and address them before they become major job site problems.

Keeping Your Division 13 Metal Building Construction on Deadline and on Budget

Our process begins with expert design-assist services in order to avoid plan interpretations that may negatively impact project outcomes. Our day-one involvement ensures the highest quality service, while addressing the issues that lead to on-site delays and back-charges.


Early involvement can positively impact the financial trajectory of the entire project.

Change orders out in the field cost far more than adjusting plans while the project is still in design. Our early involvement helps to eliminate costly changes during later phases of construction.

Constructability Review

Value Engineering

Approval Drawing Review



Materials Management

Sub-Trades Collaboration



With an eye on performance and accountability, we manage an extensive national network of best-in-class sub-contractors.

From coast-to-coast, we are ready and able to deploy our cadre of estimators, project managers, superintendents, and field crews. Meanwhile, through an extensive qualification process and continual evaluation, we build relationships with local sub-contractors nationwide, making us ready and able at all times to manage your steel building special construction no matter where it is located in the US.

Sub-Contractor Management and Oversight

Day-to-Day Involvement

Accelerated Schedules

Speed and Safety

FSE Provides Structural Steel and Roofing Installation for Jarboe Sales’ 27K Square Foot Distribution Center 


Jarboe Sales New Construction

Innovative, On-Time, and Under Budget

FSE Helps General Contractors Complete Bigger Projects Efficiently and with Fewer Back Charges

At FSE, our field expertise is combined with advanced knowledge of the latest building technologies and a dedication to exceeding client expectations. The result is a company that delivers highly efficient buildings within stated timelines and budgets.

Our focus on open communication channels beginning in pre-construction greatly reduces the confusion between engineering and construction that can lead to expensive change orders down the line. Meanwhile, our zero-harm, field-driven LEAN operation and safety protocols result in projects that experience fewer injuries, delays, and negative press.

Team Building. Accountability. Safety. Value.

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The FSE Difference