Types of Steel

Construction Materials Spotlight – Types of Steel

Today, we use steel to produce everything from sewing needles to skyscrapers. But the technology has come a long way, and steel is now available in many different forms. For anyone involved in large-scale construction, it’s helpful to get familiar with the various kinds of

Protective Coatings and Sealants

Protective Coatings and Sealants

The many modern sealants and coatings available nowadays offer superior levels of protection for virtually all building materials. If the ancient Romans had access to today’s technology, their mighty colosseum might still be a thriving sports arena.

Speed and Safety in Construction Scheduling

Construction Scheduling: Speed and Safety Can Go Together

When people are compelled to work faster than they should, they can get careless. The pressure of having to meet a rushed deadline makes workers less deliberate and less efficient. This is a normal human response and hard to counteract once it’s in motion. The

Metal Roof Maintenance

Roof Maintenance: Your Summer Checklist

Wherever there’s heavy construction going on, you’re apt to see a crane of one sort or another. From compact loader cranes to the huge tower cranes that rise hundreds of feet into the air, cranes are the mechanical workhorses of the industrial construction trade.